The Laboratoire d'Automatique et Informatique de Guelma - LAIG - is a research laboratory officially approved on 05 February 2001 with a staff of 31 and currently has 44 researchers grouped into 4 teams.

He is attached to the university 8 May 1945 of Guelma - Algeria - and has a management autonomy.

Among the objectives that the LAIG has set  in the short term:

  •     Contribute to the development of the country and in particular its universities. To this end, the LAIG undertakes to:


  •  train highly qualified specialized researchers.
  •  Participate in research related directly to the development of the different sectors.
  • Contribute to the development of universal human science and knowledge by participating in national and international research programs.

The fields of interest of the LAIG revolve around the scientific and The following: technological themes (defined by the orientation law n ° 98 - 11 of 22 August 1998 on the orientations and the five-year program on scientific research and technological development):

  1.     Information technology and computer science.
  2.     Telecommunications.
  3.     Industrial technologies.
  4.     Space technologies and their applications.