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Année 2020

  1. Loucif, F., Kechida, S. & Sebbagh, A. Whale optimizer algorithm to tune PID controller for the trajectory tracking control of robot manipulator. J Braz. Soc. Mech. Sci. Eng. 42, 1 (2020).
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  6. Mhamdi, L., Achbi, M. S., Dhouibi, H., & Kechida, S. (2020). Diagnosis of hybrid systems through bond graph, observers and timed automata. Diagnostyka, 21.

Année 2019

  1. Sebbagh, A. and Kechida, S., "Nonlinear IMM-SUKF Algorithm for Maneuvering Target Tracking with Bearings-Only Measurement," SAE Technical Paper 2019-01-6005, 2019.
  2. Abdelhafid Zeroual, Fouzi Harrou, Ying Sun,Road traffic density estimation and congestion detection with a hybrid observer-based strategy,Sustainable Cities and Society,Volume 46,2019, ,
  3. Bencheriet, C. "New face features to detect multiple faces in complex background". Evolving Systems 10, 79–95 (2019).

Année 2018

  1. A/H Zeroual, F Harrou, Y Sun, N Messai " Integrating Model-Based Observer and Kullback–Leibler Metric for Estimating and Detecting Road Traffic Congestion " IEEE Sensors Journal l 2018.
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Année 2017

  1. A/H. Zeroual, S. Kechida,N.Messai,F,Hamdi " A Piecewise Switched Linear  Approach for Traffic Flow Modeling "  International Journal Of Automation And Computing, IJAC  2017
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Année 2016

  1. F. Bouriachi, S. Kechida, " Hybrid Petri Nets and Hybrid Automata for Modeling and Control of Two Adjacent Oversaturated Intersections  " Journal Of Control, Automation And Electrical Systems,06 Sep 2016,  
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Année 2015

  1. S. Mendaci, H. Allag, M. R. Mekideche, "Multi-Objective Optimal Design of Surface-Mounted Permanent Magnet Motor Using NSGA-II" Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society (ACES), Vol. 30, No. 5, May 2015
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Année 2014

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Année 2013

  1. C. Rouabhia and H. Tebbikh, “Bilateral Diagonal PCA based on Matrix Distance Metrics: a Projection Technique for Face Identification”, Journal of Electronic Imaging, Volume 22 (2), 2013.
  2. N. Benkheris, R. Hadiby Ghoul,"Simulation and optimization of an isolated intersectionwithgenetic algorithms", publié au IJERT, international journal of engineering research and technology, ISSN 2278-081.

Année 2012

  1. S. Mendaci, M. R. Mekideche, A. Rezig,  "Analytical Calculation of Magnetic Field in Surface-Mounted Permanent Magnet Motors Taking Into Account Slotting Effect”, Przeglad Elektrotechniczny (Electrical Review), ISSN 0033-2097, R. 88 NR 3b/2012
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Année 2011

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 Année 2010

  1. S. Badraoui, "Approximate Controllability of a Reaction-Diffusion System with a Cross-DiffusionMatrix and Fractional Derivatives on Bounded Domains", Boundary Value Problems, Volume 2010, Article ID 281238, 14 pages.
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 Année 2009


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Année 2008

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Année 2007

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Année 2006

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Année 2005

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Année 2004

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Année 2003

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Année 2002

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Jusqu'a 2001

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